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 Call us: 908-202-4317
All of our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association and some are dual registered with the American Goat Society. 
Our girls have been tested for CAE, CL, Johne's , Q-fever and Brucella and have tested Negative!  Be more then happy to show paperwork.
We show our goat with ADGA and some of our 1st bred kids this spring earned their junior legs!

Our goats have several acres to roam and share the fields with our horses.  They are loved and well cared for using a combination of holistic and traditional care. 

Left Foot Farm Dulcedegabbana_Dulce
Dulce is beautiful black doe with blue eyes.  Her sire has Rosasharan milking lines and Dulces daughter pictured above won Grand Champion Junior Doe!
She was linear appraised in 2016 84.  
Moonlight Pastures Esmeralda 
7-21-14  Elsa is a beautiful chocolate doe with blue eyes-my special and first doe that is one of the sweetest goats ever! She produced 3 cups per day as a first freshner and with only one kid! She will be bred this November for Spring 2017 kids!
Freedom Star Springbook-(Zoe)

Zoe is a stunning doe and will be bred this fall for spring kids.  Her lines consist of Old Mountain Farm and Phoenix Farm.
We are so excited to add this doe from Willow Moon Farm-Kate to our lines. DOB May 20, 2009
Katie 's dam is NC Promisedland BW Echo 2*D 1*M and her grand dam is ARMCH ROSASHARN's UNI 3*D E AR1669. Echo consistently produces well over 1200 lbs of milk during a "normal" lactation and Uni has consistently made the top 10.  
Katie is a dark chocolate with a very nicely attached udder, large teats that express easily....a dream to milk and a solid producer.  
DHIA 2011: 281DIM,712LBS,5.1%BF, 3.5%P
DHIA 2012: 284DIM, 985LBS,4.6%BF,3.4%P
DHIA 2013: 389DIM, 1,330LBS, 5.5%BF/3.7%P
DHIA 2014: DRY - Had milked through from 2013
DHIA 2015: THRU 12/15, 288 days, 864lbs on once a day milking

LA 2015: VVEV88

Sire: +*B Rosasharn CH Uproar *S
Grand Sir: Rosasharn UR Honey Nut Cheerio *S
Great Grand Sire: Rosasharn's TL Unregrettable *S
Great Grand Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D E

Grand Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn's Uni 3*D E AR 1669
Great Grand Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S E
Great Grand Dam: Rosasharn's Baby USA 2*D AR 1558

Dam:*M NC PromisedLand BW Echo 2*D AR1936

Grand Sire: NC PromisedLand Bruce Willis 
Great Grand Sire: GayMor Java's Lambrusco
Great Grand Dam: PromisedLand Saanen Doe A
Grand Dam: PromisedLand JP Echo
Great Grand Sire: PromisedLand S Jackpot
Great Grand Dam Caesar's Villa FL Elena *D AR1833

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Prairie Wood Bella's Paige!  This new doe born on 7-29-16 has an outstanding pedigree:

Her dam is: 
GCH/MCH Prairie Wood Bella *D/1*M VG
DOB: 5-24-06

 3xs Best Udder
Sire: Kaapio Acres BT Racketeer +*S +*B
Dam: MK Blanca

Her sire is:
Master Champion
MCH/GCH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues +S +B E
Chamoisee Pinto Blue Eyed
Master Champion in both AGS and ADGA

  GRS: Twin Creeks BW Riptide +*S
Sire: Flat Rocks Prairie Hawk 
  GRD: Flat Rocks Lady Hawk

  GRS: Velvet Acres Chittys Scandal
  GRD: MK Pallu RB
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Anna is Elsa's daughter and will be 1 in April 2018.  She and her mom, Elsa are for sale and very sweet
FOR SALE! Herd Reduction. We are selling some of our does as we have decided to incorporate Mini Nubians into our program as we need more milk!  We are reducing our Nigerian Herd.  All four does pictured above and below are for sale.  Large discount if taking multiples.  The above doe has her Jr. leg in ADGA.  $300 each or $250 for multiples.